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As part of our effort to minimize risk of exposure to, and the spread of, COVID-19 we have implemented the following policies:

  • All entrants to our facility are required to wear an approved mask for the entirety of their time on site. Our company will continue to provide masks for our team members working at our facilities and in the field.

  • All high-touch surfaces are sanitized at least twice per hour. Additionally, all facilities, surfaces and equipment are sanitized throughout the day.

  • All entrants to our facilities are required to pass a temperature check prior to entry to ensure temperatures below the CDC threshold. If a team members’ temperature exceeds the threshold they are required to pass a doctor’s physical prior to returning to work to establish that they are not contagious.

  • All product is quarantined prior to shipping to distributors.

  • All fulfillment and delivery personnel are equipped with masks and gloves which are

    changed regularly.

  • Team members are restricted from bringing personal belongings and electronics on to

    production floors.

  • We have implemented a work-at-home policy for all non-production employees that can

    work remotely.

  • All employees are spread out at least 6 feet apart at our facilities. We have reduced

    attendance across our combined 15,000+ sq ft production facilities to not exceed 30

    people in a shift to ensure proper social distance between employees.

  • We have made sanitizer available throughout the facilities and require regular changing

    of gloves and sanitizing protocols.

  • Employees are discouraged from congregating in one area and encouraged to

    communicate via web chat and/or phone.

We will continue to monitor both the CDC and State guidelines for updates and adjust our policies and procedures accordingly. For additional information please visit The Center for Disease Control website at We appreciate your support during this unprecedented time period and encourage you to reach out to us with any questions about our products or protocols.



Kaiya Bercow

Chief Executive Officer

April 2020

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