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The Team

     Utopia was started in a Santa Cruz garage in 2014 by Jesse Bower, Emily Bercow and Kaiya Bercow. Since inception, we have been committed to bettering our community and team through volunteering, treating our neighbors and environment ethically and providing our employees with a living wage and health care. It is our spectacular team of 45+ that is responsible for our consistently perfect products.

     Today, we are still headquartered in Santa Cruz and have production in Santa Cruz and Monterey, as well as salespeople throughout the state.


The Facilities

     Our combined 16,000+ sq ft production facilities allow our team the space to develop, produce and package all of our products in-house. ​

     Our Monterey facility houses our state-of-the-art extraction, distillation, post-processing and packaging operation for all of our vapes and extracts. Using customized, one-of-a-kind extractors we are able to achieve small-batch craftsmanship at production scale. Our internal laboratory oversees all refinement, formulations and post-processing while our diligent packaging team works next-door to ensure perfect quality control and consistency.

     Our flowers and edibles are made in our original facility in the heart of Santa Cruz which consists of small, sealed-room indoor cultivation, automation-assisted flower sorting, packaging and labeling lines and our Kosher-certified, vegan and gluten-free edible kitchen.


The Products

     Our indoor flower is cultivated in small batches using all natural and organic fertilizers and OMRI-certified pest management techniques. The highly curated cannabis is always hand-manicured, diligently inspected and meticulously packaged into 3.5g jars to ensure consistent bud size, structure and quality. Strains are chosen to create a complimentary and robust portfolio of flavors. 

     Our live resin concentrates are High Terpene / High Cannabinoid Full Spectrum Extracts (HTFSE/HCFSE) and capture the essence of the diligently cultivated and selected cannabis batches. The unique strain profiles are captured via our refined solvent-based extraction methods and post-processing procedures and never have any additives or distillate added. 

     Our award winning macaroon edibles are made with premium, organic food ingredients and are vegan, paleo-friendly, low-glycemic, gluten-free and Kosher-certified. We believe that simple ingredients you can pronounce and visualize make for an easy to digest, delicious and healthy snack! Using our proprietary infusion method, there is absolutely no “green” cannabis taste, making these coconut cookies the perfect fit for anyone looking for a clean, potent, healthy edible.

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