Utopia is a 35x award winning Santa Cruz cannabis brand that has been curating clean, premium cannabis for discerning consumers since 2014. 

Artisan Made

Simply Clean

Uncompromising Quality 

Fueled by cannabis, led by artisans, touched with love.


Every Utopia product is cultivated and manufactured by our team of cannabis-aficionados driven by a passion for the plant and the process.


Since 2014, we have made our products in-house and continue to oversee every step in the production pipeline to ensure consistently perfect cannabis. 

We believe in transparently produced, simple, clean products.


All of our cannabis uses natural and organic ingredients and has customer-facing test results for every batch since before we were officially a company (2011).


As the longest testing partner with California’s most respected testing lab (SC Labs), we are proud to have over 7,000 test results exceeding state standards. Please contact us for batch test results and tasting notes.

Our best-in-class products speak for themselves and capture the essence of authentic, California cannabis!


Crafted by experts, we only release the finest batches which are always tested for flavor, aroma, consistency, structure, potency and safety.


As one of the first companies in the world (2011) to produce 30%+ THC flower, we know that quality is only achieved through diligent, consistent hard work and we promise to never compromise.

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